It’s December 9. Last I checked, that means I have 16 days till Christmas. And really, I only have 13 days because we have to travel prior to the actual holiday.

I have, let’s see, 4 knitting items, 2 quilts, and a sleigh-ful of cookies to bake before then. My friends, that is more than enough to keep me busy. Like, way more than enough. So, when I saw a posting for a yarn crawl, I should have sent it straight to my mental trash bin. Because really, I should know that wool is a fearsome temptress not to be trifled with.

But! This would be the time I would finally prove my resolve! I would look, possibly stroke, but not buy. Yes, I could do this.

Into the car I went. As I was driving, I thought that perhaps one skein couldn’t hurt. After all, I want to support this amazing local yarn company. I mean, you can’t go to their yarn party and come away with nothing. That’s just silly. And I am anything but silly. Ahem. But! One skein and one skein only. My eyes shall not wander and my hands shall not betray me with grab grab grabbiness. I shall be faithful and stalwart.


4 skeins and 1 project bag later…

Oops. 5 skeins, 1 project bag, and 1 newfound brilliant belief I can accomplish 4 more knitting projects before we leave later… My resolve is a duplicitous scoundrel. Come, my wounded spirit. Let me comfort you with yarn.

Many thanks to Cephalopod Yarns and Folktale Fibers for unveiling my resolve’s true nature.


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One Response to Delusional

  1. estin says:

    your resolve, or rather the lack thereof. looks good!

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