i love natural fiber yarn. you’ve got wool, with its breathability, elasticity, and warmth.  you’ve got bamboo, with its sheen, drape, softness, and anti-bacterial qualities.  you’ve got silk, with shine, drape, and, well, silkiness.  you’ve got alpaca, with its insulation, drape, softness, and resistance to pilling. you’ve got linen, with its strength and its tendency to get softer with each wash.  you’ve got cashmere… well, i don’t think anything needs to be said about that, do you?

yarn of course

i haven’t hit on everything out there, e.g. qiviut or bison, but there’s a lot of variation.  and the colors!  gorgeous.

i think, though, what i love most about yarn is its potential.  you take this string and it is just waiting to be manipulated into something greater.  you literally create a fabric and give it shape.  from its humble beginnings, you transform it into something wonderfully three-dimensional with a purpose that can be as noble as clothing the newest of babies. or warming the shoulders of a beloved grandmother.  or keeping a father’s hands warm in the brutal cold wind.

lil miss would like you to know that yarn also makes for a most delightful house for squinkees.


yes, squinkees.  those irritatingly small, rubber characters whose rascally behavior include getting lost only a million times to the sheer horror of their mistress, being underfoot constantly,  being small enough to be a veritable choking hazard, and scurrying to make themselves as spread out over the house as far as possible.

ok, you squatters, don’t forget to pay rent.  preferably in, of course, yarn. oh! or fabric. or cookies.  or coffee. or tea.*

*ok, fine.  i’ll take a mischievous smile or two from your mistress.


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