happy new year!

whoa.  2013!  all righty, then!


yes, ariel pretty much sums up how i felt over the holidays.  tired and in need of vitamin c.  for lo, it is not possible for our family to have a holiday or gathering of extended family without someone getting sick.  the kick off was when the bean started throwing up on december 21 and woke up with a face caked in… well, there really isn’t a nice word for mucus, is there? snot?  hmm.  lil miss apparently had a sinus infection.  and me?  well.  i ended up with a cold that laid me flat on my back for a week and then some.

but!  fun was had!  we spent the holidays with the ones we love.  it’s a marvelous thing, family.  i really can’t think of anyone else i’d hang out with more.  i love them so much.  i hope that as my children get older, they will enjoy the same depth and breadth of family love as i do.  it’s priceless.

so, it was with heavy hearts that we said good-bye to my brother and his family as they moved overseas.  it’s just the occasion for the word “bittersweet.”  i’m excited for their adventures that lie ahead.  and yet.  i’m going to start looking at real estate for them that is within, oh i don’t know, a five block radius from where we live.  you know.  just in case they want to move back next week.  HINT HINT.

*pro tip to aa who might be reading this:  not such a subtle hint.

amazingly, i was able to at least finish knitting up all the hats for the various young’uns of the family.  oh!  and a scarf for my dear grandmother.  one quilt down and the other… yeah.  that kinda is still in pieces.  apparently staring it and willing it to quilt itself doesn’t work.  also:  i’m evidently not an x-men character with telekinetic powers.  what a letdown.  photos, if i have any, are forthcoming.

anyhow, as i think back on 2012, it was a terrific year.  so many blessings.  difficult spots, yes.  but, lovely and beautiful all the same.  here’s to a terrific 2013 and capturing more of that which is lovely, that which is noble, that which is joyful, and that which is peaceful.


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