oh, hi there!

meet pendleton.  pendleton is a friendly fellow with a penchant for hugging.  he’s a lover, you see, not a fighter.  with one ear cocked, he’s ready to hear all of your stories, your thoughts, your dreams.


he invites you to pull up next to him.  perhaps he’ll make you a pot of tea.  or hot chocolate.  whatever you like.  he’s amenable that way.


he’ll chase butterflies with you and laugh at your antics.  he will sit in your lap as you read books.  he’ll keep you company at mealtimes and happily share your plate.


most importantly, he’ll be there for you.  in your quiet, he will share the stillness.  in your joy, he’ll be there.  when you’re angry, he will be your sounding board.   he is there to be – to be with you.

pendleton is part of 600monsters strong, a group started on ravelry dedicated to sending up these lovable “monsters” to the newtown, ct community.  he’s made of cephalopod yarns‘ bugga yarn, donated generously by onmytiptoes, using rebecca danger’s pattern.  he is emblematic of everything i love about knitters: kind, compassionate, empathetic, generous. i hope that whomever receives pendleton and his friends will feel some of the love that this group is sending behind each stitch.  healing and blessings…


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