kitchen sink

have you ever dumped out your purse before?  i have one purse that i use.  it’s a massive bag, really.  it’s designed to hold a dslr camera and a laptop.  it’s my go-to bag for when i go to work as it holds my laptop and 2 notebooks.  and coffee mug.  and…

1) 15 small quilting templates

2) crochet hook

3) my brother’s socks – i don’t even understand how this came to be, ESTEBAN

4) halfway knitted scarf (so, scarf, needles, and yarn)

5) computer cord

6) bracelet – note: i don’t wear bracelets.  i mean, there’s one i wear rarely. but this one? not even sure where it’s from.

7) napkins

8) fingerless gloves

9) umpteen million receipts, papers, etc.  basically, small rectangular pieces of paper.

10) bobbin with thread

11) starbucks gift card – whoa!  wait!  this is an awesome find. if whoever is responsible for putting in socks and bracelets in bag did the card, you may keep it up.

12) lip gloss sample.  i don’t wear make up.  unless i’m in a wedding.

13) hand sanitizer

14) 8 pens

15) headphones

16) wallet

17) empty eyeglass case

18) knitting gauge

19) waste yarn

20) quilting and embroidery needles

um.  does anyone else have this problem of miscellany?


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