today promised to start off ok.  i mean, bean woke up his normal happy self.  he padded around the bedroom, alternately giggling at things and pointing at them.  everything is a wonderment at this age.

then, the lil miss woke up.  somewhere in diva-land, something was amiss.  and she very audibly let us know.  damsel and dragon all in one.

we clambered downstairs, got dressed, and got lil miss ready for school.  i left bean with his breakfast and wonderful nanny.

somewhere along the way, my sweet little girl returned from wherever she was hiding.

came back and saw bean covered in hives.  again.  he had this yesterday and thought i figured out the culprit.  nope.  it’s something else. not sure what though as nothing new was introduced to him.  my mommy’s blood pressure went up, thinking about how vulnerable these children of mine are apparently to food (lil miss has a tree nut allergy).

and then there is today.  today is umma’s birthday.  she somehow mothered myself and my brothers – four of us – without giving any of us away.  i mean, this morning, it wore on me to think about what could be causing the hives, wondering if this bout was going to be more severe than yesterday’s, thinking of lil miss’ tree nut allergy, and how it freaks me out that she needs to have prescribed a literally life saving medication, and maybe bean does too and blah blah blah… i only have these two to worry about and my mother had four.  how her hair didn’t all fall out is beyond me.

umma, you are so unbelievably missed. i miss watching you crochet, listening to you teach me to knit, watching you sew, talking with you while you cooked, talking with you in general.  seeing your smiles, hearing your words, hearing your prayers. going to get pedicures. holding your hand.  watching your eyes crinkle in thought and in happiness.  happy, happy birthday.


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