whoo, boy!

hello!  long time, no type.  there’s nothing like a blog that tells you quickly time passes.  well, that and the fact that i’m still working on bean’s quilt.  that was supposed to be done for his one year old birthday.

a year ago.


anyhow, if i can get my act together, i should have some knitted goodness posted here soon.  in the meantime, i’ll leave you with these wonderfully (not at all wonderfully) shot photos from the ever-sophisticated iphone of a baby shower gift for my lovely cousin.



some of my favorite things to knit: carina spencer’s seamless baby kimono and the totoro baby bonnet – um, without totoro.


but!  a few embroidered flowers!  yay!  i wish i had close up photo of the button… it was so adorable.  love that little round thing of goodness.  not going to lie… i could have done a better job of sewing that button on, but i had to do it in the car right in front of the restaurant of the baby shower.  no minute like the last minute, right?  anyhow, all knit with universal cotton’s cotton supreme yarn.  for a cotton yarn, not bad.  i miss the elasticity of animal fiber though.  good thing i have yet another thing on the needles to remedy that…

oh right.  the quilt…  sigh.  so many projects and not enough time… isn’t that every maker’s quandary?


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  1. virgoniantransplant says:

    woohoo! posts!

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