so, let’s say that it’s late at night and you have to get ready for the next day – a day where you have to leave early to catch a train for an out of town work meeting. you blearily reach for your (decaf) coffee, strain your eyes at the laptop, and finish up the last touches to your presentation. you straighten up the house, get lunches packed, pick out clothes for the little ones. and also for you. on second thought, you don’t because you can’t think about what might possibly match with what.

you pack up your computer, notebooks, and other things. you look at your knitting WIP and reach for it. darn it. it’s a sweater and, really, not that practical to stuff into your already full purse. instead, you pack up your kindle. it’s been a while anyway and you need to spread the love, right?

next morning.

whoa! you have an entire extra hour before your train leaves, thanks to a last minute meeting time change. what do you do?


this. this is what you do. you look at your kindle apologetically… well, just a little. then, you figure out which combination of yarn shop and train station fits within the train schedule and you GO. once at the store, you run in, grab a sock yarn, wind it, buy some needles.

Emergency project

celebrate your success with some bonus car knitting. ah. now things feel right. choo choo away.

(yarn: wullenstudio’s sock yarn in “here comes the sun”)

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