Yes. A lot of time has passed since I last wrote. It’s something I don’t have much of, something that I envy.

My birthday is coming up. Prior to having kids, it never meant much. Well, it meant something probably until I was 25, when you could rent a car at a lower rate, ha. After that, the next milestone is what? 65? Is that retirement age? Anyhow, age is something I never really felt. It used to be that not much changed the currents of my life. One day would bleed into the next. Now though? I feel age in its delicate balance.

Children. They only grow. And this growth is fascinating and mesmerizing. It is brilliant. I see how each new day is truly new. Each day brings new revelations, new maturity. And it brings with it the stark realization that you have each day once. Only once.

Age. I feel it. Its poignant pull.

I spoke with my dad today. I asked him if he ever thought and wondered what life had been for him, what life could have been. I asked, holding my newborn son in my arms, staring down another birthday. He told me that I had a few years left before I could really look back on life. Till then, go forward.

This life. There is only this one. Go forward indeed.


In bullets:

– yes! Another baby has joined our family! What a joy he has been. I’m a blessed mama.
– gingerbread lattes! Love them.
– viruses! Hate them.
– knitting is so fun but why is the finishing, eg weaving in of ends, such a killjoy?
– sewing! I miss it. I need to get back to that quickly, especially since a certain little miss has requested a certain costume.


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