The tween times

A moment here, a moment there. That’s really all there is these days. A moment to love on each child, to assure them that mama is devoted wholeheartedly to each of them as individuals; a moment dedicated to my professional career; a moment to share a glass of wine with my husband.

In between these moments, I knit a stitch here, a stitch there. And slowly but surely, items are completed…. Thankfully. Knitting is so therapeutic.


A little hat and vest for a new addition to our extended family. That hat looks absurdly large compared to that vest… We’ll see how that works…. Then again, babies have disproportionately large heads, right? And thusly I justify them and into the mail they go.


A slouchy hat for a brother in colder climes. This I wanted to keep. He’s notorious for returning gifts and I thought perhaps it would find its way back to me. I would then feign disappointment and gleefully put it on my noggin. But no. He’s keeping it. Ah well. I have to say, it makes me happy!

I miss sewing but rarely find time to sit with it. Sewing is faster, certainly, so why do I gravitate to the knitting? I suppose because it’s portable?

The wind is howling outside. A cup of tea, some yarn, a babe or two or three to read to… Yes. That sounds good.


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