so, let’s say that it’s late at night and you have to get ready for the next day – a day where you have to leave early to catch a train for an out of town work meeting. you blearily reach for your (decaf) coffee, strain your eyes at the laptop, and finish up the last touches to your presentation. you straighten up the house, get lunches packed, pick out clothes for the little ones. and also for you. on second thought, you don’t because you can’t think about what might possibly match with what.

you pack up your computer, notebooks, and other things. you look at your knitting WIP and reach for it. darn it. it’s a sweater and, really, not that practical to stuff into your already full purse. instead, you pack up your kindle. it’s been a while anyway and you need to spread the love, right?

next morning.

whoa! you have an entire extra hour before your train leaves, thanks to a last minute meeting time change. what do you do?


this. this is what you do. you look at your kindle apologetically… well, just a little. then, you figure out which combination of yarn shop and train station fits within the train schedule and you GO. once at the store, you run in, grab a sock yarn, wind it, buy some needles.

Emergency project

celebrate your success with some bonus car knitting. ah. now things feel right. choo choo away.

(yarn: wullenstudio’s sock yarn in “here comes the sun”)

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whoo, boy!

hello!  long time, no type.  there’s nothing like a blog that tells you quickly time passes.  well, that and the fact that i’m still working on bean’s quilt.  that was supposed to be done for his one year old birthday.

a year ago.


anyhow, if i can get my act together, i should have some knitted goodness posted here soon.  in the meantime, i’ll leave you with these wonderfully (not at all wonderfully) shot photos from the ever-sophisticated iphone of a baby shower gift for my lovely cousin.



some of my favorite things to knit: carina spencer’s seamless baby kimono and the totoro baby bonnet – um, without totoro.


but!  a few embroidered flowers!  yay!  i wish i had close up photo of the button… it was so adorable.  love that little round thing of goodness.  not going to lie… i could have done a better job of sewing that button on, but i had to do it in the car right in front of the restaurant of the baby shower.  no minute like the last minute, right?  anyhow, all knit with universal cotton’s cotton supreme yarn.  for a cotton yarn, not bad.  i miss the elasticity of animal fiber though.  good thing i have yet another thing on the needles to remedy that…

oh right.  the quilt…  sigh.  so many projects and not enough time… isn’t that every maker’s quandary?

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today promised to start off ok.  i mean, bean woke up his normal happy self.  he padded around the bedroom, alternately giggling at things and pointing at them.  everything is a wonderment at this age.

then, the lil miss woke up.  somewhere in diva-land, something was amiss.  and she very audibly let us know.  damsel and dragon all in one.

we clambered downstairs, got dressed, and got lil miss ready for school.  i left bean with his breakfast and wonderful nanny.

somewhere along the way, my sweet little girl returned from wherever she was hiding.

came back and saw bean covered in hives.  again.  he had this yesterday and thought i figured out the culprit.  nope.  it’s something else. not sure what though as nothing new was introduced to him.  my mommy’s blood pressure went up, thinking about how vulnerable these children of mine are apparently to food (lil miss has a tree nut allergy).

and then there is today.  today is umma’s birthday.  she somehow mothered myself and my brothers – four of us – without giving any of us away.  i mean, this morning, it wore on me to think about what could be causing the hives, wondering if this bout was going to be more severe than yesterday’s, thinking of lil miss’ tree nut allergy, and how it freaks me out that she needs to have prescribed a literally life saving medication, and maybe bean does too and blah blah blah… i only have these two to worry about and my mother had four.  how her hair didn’t all fall out is beyond me.

umma, you are so unbelievably missed. i miss watching you crochet, listening to you teach me to knit, watching you sew, talking with you while you cooked, talking with you in general.  seeing your smiles, hearing your words, hearing your prayers. going to get pedicures. holding your hand.  watching your eyes crinkle in thought and in happiness.  happy, happy birthday.

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kitchen sink

have you ever dumped out your purse before?  i have one purse that i use.  it’s a massive bag, really.  it’s designed to hold a dslr camera and a laptop.  it’s my go-to bag for when i go to work as it holds my laptop and 2 notebooks.  and coffee mug.  and…

1) 15 small quilting templates

2) crochet hook

3) my brother’s socks – i don’t even understand how this came to be, ESTEBAN

4) halfway knitted scarf (so, scarf, needles, and yarn)

5) computer cord

6) bracelet – note: i don’t wear bracelets.  i mean, there’s one i wear rarely. but this one? not even sure where it’s from.

7) napkins

8) fingerless gloves

9) umpteen million receipts, papers, etc.  basically, small rectangular pieces of paper.

10) bobbin with thread

11) starbucks gift card – whoa!  wait!  this is an awesome find. if whoever is responsible for putting in socks and bracelets in bag did the card, you may keep it up.

12) lip gloss sample.  i don’t wear make up.  unless i’m in a wedding.

13) hand sanitizer

14) 8 pens

15) headphones

16) wallet

17) empty eyeglass case

18) knitting gauge

19) waste yarn

20) quilting and embroidery needles

um.  does anyone else have this problem of miscellany?

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move along

we open the door to start our little journey, our weekday ritual of walking to her little school.  stepping out into the moving mist, we make our colorful entrance on the gray landscape.  and it is wholly gray.  no shadows, no light.  all gray.  the sky, the damp sidewalk, the branches of bare trees.  i look down at her and adjust her purple hood, pulling it in close around her warm, rosy face.


we chit chat about things she might do at school today, dodging the piles of dog poop that thoughtful owners have left behind.  she turns to me and asks if i love her.  of course, my darling girl.  of course.  with a smile, she buries her hand deeper into mine.  the warmth of her hand in mine is my spot of sunshine.

before we know it, we are greeted by a teacher at the entrance to her school.  i walk inside with her, drinking in the primary colors and the harmony of the classrooms.  i unzip her coat.  she wriggles out, gives me some sugar on my cheek, and scampers to play and work alongside her friends.

i watch for a little bit, a voyeur into this part of her life that is away from me.  i look at the clock.  only 6 more hours till i get to pick her up.  oh dear.  the other one needs his medicine.  i must get back.

back into the cold i step.  i walk back, alone.  it’s a peaceful loneliness, one of the few stretches of my day where i have my thoughts to myself.  no one has claim to this time, not clients, not children, not the daily tasks clamoring for attention.  no, this is my time.  fighting the chill, i try to shrink myself into my red jacket, the one my mother used to wear.  the one my daughter has asked for when she becomes a mother.  happy thoughts.

a searing cold makes itself known on my scalp.  ah.  my unbrushed hair has given up its last defenses to this damp.  so be it. i dig my fists deeper into my pockets, willing warmth up to my head.  it doesn’t quite work.

i walk back into my home to the noise of happy chatter.  bean is happily playing with our wonderful nanny.  i look at him, at his happy, chubby self, making raspy choo choo noises with his christmas trains.  he expands my sunshine today, too.

rather than spoil this moment just yet with medicine (oh! the travails of ear infections!), i turn on my kettle.  make some brioche toast.  expand the sunshine of my daughter’s hand and my son’s voice.


hello, gray. i’m ready.

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oh, hi there!

meet pendleton.  pendleton is a friendly fellow with a penchant for hugging.  he’s a lover, you see, not a fighter.  with one ear cocked, he’s ready to hear all of your stories, your thoughts, your dreams.


he invites you to pull up next to him.  perhaps he’ll make you a pot of tea.  or hot chocolate.  whatever you like.  he’s amenable that way.


he’ll chase butterflies with you and laugh at your antics.  he will sit in your lap as you read books.  he’ll keep you company at mealtimes and happily share your plate.


most importantly, he’ll be there for you.  in your quiet, he will share the stillness.  in your joy, he’ll be there.  when you’re angry, he will be your sounding board.   he is there to be – to be with you.

pendleton is part of 600monsters strong, a group started on ravelry dedicated to sending up these lovable “monsters” to the newtown, ct community.  he’s made of cephalopod yarns‘ bugga yarn, donated generously by onmytiptoes, using rebecca danger’s pattern.  he is emblematic of everything i love about knitters: kind, compassionate, empathetic, generous. i hope that whomever receives pendleton and his friends will feel some of the love that this group is sending behind each stitch.  healing and blessings…

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happy new year!

whoa.  2013!  all righty, then!


yes, ariel pretty much sums up how i felt over the holidays.  tired and in need of vitamin c.  for lo, it is not possible for our family to have a holiday or gathering of extended family without someone getting sick.  the kick off was when the bean started throwing up on december 21 and woke up with a face caked in… well, there really isn’t a nice word for mucus, is there? snot?  hmm.  lil miss apparently had a sinus infection.  and me?  well.  i ended up with a cold that laid me flat on my back for a week and then some.

but!  fun was had!  we spent the holidays with the ones we love.  it’s a marvelous thing, family.  i really can’t think of anyone else i’d hang out with more.  i love them so much.  i hope that as my children get older, they will enjoy the same depth and breadth of family love as i do.  it’s priceless.

so, it was with heavy hearts that we said good-bye to my brother and his family as they moved overseas.  it’s just the occasion for the word “bittersweet.”  i’m excited for their adventures that lie ahead.  and yet.  i’m going to start looking at real estate for them that is within, oh i don’t know, a five block radius from where we live.  you know.  just in case they want to move back next week.  HINT HINT.

*pro tip to aa who might be reading this:  not such a subtle hint.

amazingly, i was able to at least finish knitting up all the hats for the various young’uns of the family.  oh!  and a scarf for my dear grandmother.  one quilt down and the other… yeah.  that kinda is still in pieces.  apparently staring it and willing it to quilt itself doesn’t work.  also:  i’m evidently not an x-men character with telekinetic powers.  what a letdown.  photos, if i have any, are forthcoming.

anyhow, as i think back on 2012, it was a terrific year.  so many blessings.  difficult spots, yes.  but, lovely and beautiful all the same.  here’s to a terrific 2013 and capturing more of that which is lovely, that which is noble, that which is joyful, and that which is peaceful.

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